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Privacy issues are one of the hottest topics around, and for good reason

The digital age has collided with personal information with tremendous impact.  The generation and storage of personal information in digital format have made it easier to access and use this information for purposes both good and bad.  As a result, privacy law is rapidly developing and producing a dynamic legal landscape, and the new economy business will be tuning in to privacy law issues to identify and steer clear of these business risks.

Every day, the media is full of issues related to privacy law that touch our clients:

  • Trade Secrets Misappropriation
  • Social Media Use in the Employment Context
  • Data Breaches and Theft
  • Consumer Privacy Lawsuits
  • Cloud Computing Security
  • eDiscovery
  • Mobile Apps and Locational Privacy
  • Employee Transportation Tracking
  • Big Data Issues such as Hacking, Loss, and Misuse
  • Website Privacy Statements
  • Identity Theft Protection
  • Corporate Data Breach Insurance
  • European Data Privacy Laws
  • Employee Privacy in the Workplace

These are just a few of the issues that our privacy law team can help you with.  We can assist businesses of all types and sizes, from the business owner who wishes to put tracking devices on his transportation fleet to the corporation that needs a new website privacy statement. We also help businesses understand privacy compliance in marketing contexts and with regard to international data privacy regulations.